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The project reinterprets and transforms the courtyard typology into a series of courts that travel sectionally and planimetrically through the building as a mechanism of interconnectivity between the distinctly seperate programs while still maintaining a clear organization strategy. Through these voids the library attempts to expose and reveal itself from the underside.
The monumental status of the library as a "gateway" versus the accessible "public lounge" status of the library is achieved through the juxtaposition of the Cantera Stone clad thick exterior skin with the vibrant colored surfaces of the interior. The screen of the exterior skin drops down to the ground plane as a veil or filter through which to enter the library and the cultural complex.



Project Team
Project Directors: Yehre Suh and Andrew Varela

New Jalisco State Public Library

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Program: Public Library
Area: 25,000 m² / 270,000 sf
Status: International Competition, 2005