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Office of Urban Terrains is a multi dimensional practice that operates between disciplinary boundaries. We work in-between the diverse aspects of the built environment, whether inside or outside, temporary or permanent, object or field, partial or whole, to create urban terrains through generative strategies. We believe that spaces do not exist as absolute forms but are active/passive agencies of reflexive urban systems. We operate across disciplines to find immanent and emergent opportunities. We investigate and create strategies of spatial production that test conditions of normalcy and exception. Office of Urban Terrains actively engages the urban terrain as sites of investigation and critical processes of spatial production.

Since its establishment in 2009, the Office of Urban Terrains has won many awards. OUT was the Finalist for the New Rochelle Waterfront International Competition in 2013, received Honorary Mention in the International Competition for the redesign of the center of Athens, Greece in 2012 and Third Place in the International Competition for an Urban Landscape Master Plan for the Euro-2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2011. The project, Parallel Utopias, was part of the Golden Lion Award winning Korean Pavilion's <Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula> exhibition at the 2014 Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy.