Location: City of Sejong, Republic of Korea
Program: Single Family Residence / Floor Area 192m2 / Spring 2021


The house is located on the outskirts of Sejong City, the new planned administrative capital of South Korea. The clients were avid gardeners and tree growers who wanted to maximize the yard area and have the house connect to the immediate landscape of the garden as well as to the majestic Gyeryong mountain range beyond, while still preserving the privacy of the house from the street and neighbors.

The project utilized the transformative quality of brick to create a fortress-like barrier toward the street and adjacent lots, while transitioning to a more porous and open screen towards the landscape. The brick skin wraps and stretches around the small house from thick to thin and opaque to transparent, adjusting to the surrounding site as well as the programmatic demands within. The wing like roof line establishes a topographic streetscape, while also addressing the topographic scale of the Gyeryong Mountain.



Project Team
Design Lead: Yehre Suh / Urban Terrains Lab
Project Collaborators: Ikhyeon Ju / CIID
Team Members: Haein Choi
Photography: Hyosook Jin