Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Program: Public Sculpture Park, Pavilion, Underground Parking, Waterfront Beach, Pedestrian Bridges
Area: 34,500 m² / 8.5 acres
Status: Winning Entry of an International Competition, 2001 / Completed, 2007




Project Team
Client: Seattle Art Museum
Lead Designer: Weiss/Manfredi: Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism

Yehre Suh was the Project Architect for the project from 2001 to its completion in 2007. She was a key designer of the winning entry design of the open international competition in 2001 and subsequently as the Project Architect for the project was responsible for the site work design, coordination and project management. She designed and coordinated the materials for the “Groundswell” exhibition at MoMA in New York, USA in 2005 and Center for Design at Essen, Germany in 2006. She also designed and coordinated the exhibition at Harvard University Graduate School of Design for the Veronica Rudge Green Prize in 2007.