Location: Cornell University, Arts Quad, Ithaca, USA
Program: Public Installation
Dates: April 11th – 14th, 2009
Area: 4,050 m² / 7.5 acres




The Field project is a continuous and homogenous installation of 2,800 red sacks filled with straw that covered the entire arts Quad of the Cornell University Campus. The sacks were distributed in a 10 feet by 10 feet regular grid that followed the natural slope of the ground surface. The installation was an optical exercise extended into a landscape format. Color dots arranged in a regular formation established an architectural datum that covered the whole 7.5 acres of the Arts Quad to examine the formal properties of the consumptive campus landscape relative to its productive agricultural origins. The project establishes a translation of the geometrical geography that is necessary for productive agricultural labors and, at the same time, it depicts the overlap between that original field morphology with a sort of physical impossibility of making an idealized, Cartesian and abstract pattern. The installation reclaims the centrality of the Arts Quad’s openness with an inclusive and non-hierarchical spatial structure.


Project Team
Project Director: Yehre Suh and Pezo von Elrichhausen
Team Members: 50 Cornell University AAP Students