Location: Dasan New City, Namyangjusi, Gyeonggido, Korea
Program: Landmark Structure with Observation Deck and Culture Center Gallery / 2017
Client: Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation




Dasan New City is one of the last mega public housing urban development satellite city project by Gyeonggido which started its public distribution in 2015. The masterplan covers an area of 4.75 million m2 and will provide housing for 31,900 units with 86,000 residents. The city is projected to be completed by 2020.

The project was commissioned by the GUIC to provide a landmark structure for the city that will celebrate the historical heritage of the Chosun period scholar, engineer, inventor Dasan Jung Yakyong, who was born on this site.

Existing Dasan New City Site and Proposed Masterplan


The 63m height steel truss structure will rise high above the city to provide a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape as well as visually connecting the Dasan New City back towards the Seoul city center which is only 20km away. It will also provide a symbolic landmark visible from the major federal highway running along the Wangsook Stream.

The project is sited at the intersection of the waterfront park that is to run along the Wangsook Stream north-south and the central open public space axis that runs through the New City complex east-west direction.

The tower structure is inspired by the industrial crane structure engineered by Dasan in the late 18c for the construction of the Suwon city walls. It is to be equipped with exposed elevators, escalators and funicular systems to reveal the pully systems utilized by Dasan for many of his engineering inventions. The structure will also house a culture center and exhibition space for the residents to utilize for diverse public programs.

View up towards the Observation Deck

View south towards the Han River

View along the Wangsook Stream



Project Team
Design Lead: Yehre Suh / Office of Urban Terrains
Project Collaborators: CA Landscape Architecture Office
Team Members: Hyukgwon Jang, Junsoo Nah, Yonghoon Kim