Location: Seoul, Korea
Program: International Competition / 2016
Client: City of Seoul
Award: Special Jury Prize




Constructed Landscape

Nodeul Island is a constructed landscape which embodies the geological transformation of 20th century Seoul.

From its infrastructural beginnings as a pier structure for the first vehicular bridge across the Han River to its gradual transformation into a biotope level one succession stage wild forest to the east and a highly active public vegetable garden to the west, the terrain of Nodeul Island have been cultivated through gradual transformations and transfers between artificial and natural ecologies and urban forces of the city.

Cultivated Terrain proposes to celebrate and embody the artificial and natural history of vertical sedimentation and horizontal expansion of Nodeul Island as an expanded landscape of cultivation that builds upon its already rich ecological and social terrain.


The project focuses on the elements of Earth, Water, Sound and Play to amplify and activate its existing environmental resources to cultivate a programmatic hub of Production, Education and Participation.

Architecture and landscape merge to create a terrain that emerge and connect to create an urban infrastructural landscape platform based on spatial typologies of Roof Terraces, Madang and the Open Plan.



Long Section of Site


Infrastructure System



View from Entry Plaza towards Nodeul Madang

View from Nodeul Madang toward Entry Plaza

View of Nodeul Forest from Multi-Purpose Hall

Programmatic Typologies


View from Multi-Purpose Auditorium over Nodeul Forest

View of Participatory Office / Commercial Space

View of Commercial F&B Retail Space


Project Team
Project Lead: Yehre Suh / Urban Terrains Lab
Project Collaborators: Studio OL, Inter Landscape Architecture Office
Team Members: Yeung Shin, Hyukgwon Jang, Junsoo Nah, Jihae Park, Jiwoo Lee, Heejung Son, Yongjin Kim