In collaboration with SNU Institute for Global Social Responsibility(SNUSR) and Nokdu.Zip.

Location  : Shinlim-dong, Gwanakgu, Seoul, Korea



The project began as a student project from the Environmental Design Studio course lead by Yehre Suh in Spring of 2017 in collaboration with the SNU Institute for Global Social Responsibility(SNUSR). The student proposal was selected as the final project to be further developed and realized as a prototype program at the SNU StartUp center Nokdu.Zip that opened in the fall of 2017, which was partly sponsored by the City of Seoul.

Storage Share is a mechanism to assist in the “offline” physical process of “online” virtual exchanges. In the Goshichon area of Shinlimdong where over 50% of residents are single person households, people actively buy and sell used items virtually online, but the actual physical act of exchange is difficult due to scheduling problems as well as safety concerns.

Storage Share proposes to resolve this problem by providing a temporary storage/keep zone for the items being exchanged. The seller can drop off the items in a storage locker and the buyer can come by anytime to pick-up or checkout the item purchased.

The storage space can also be utilized as a used item store as well as a gathering space for the community. Storage Share is proposed as a spatial platform for the sharing economy of the neighborhood.











Project Director : Yehre Suh (GSES), Yumi Lee (SNUSR)

Project Team : Kyongsun Park (Team Leader), Jiwoo Lee, Bumteok Lim, Sanghyun Kang