Location: Warsaw, Poland
Program: Museum, Public Park
Area: 20,000 m² / 215,000 sf
Status: International Competition 2009



The City is like a Cloud
The city is like a cloud that continuously transforms always in reference to its previous figure. It resists the attempt for control and regularization. The history of planning and construction in the Jazdow area is a testament to the aspirations and failures of the ideal of the city. In a new attempt to reclaim the vision and history of the site, a strategy that can recover the past as well as expand into the future is required. “Expanding Pathways” is a strategy in which the aspirations of reclaiming the axial layout of the Os Stanislawowska is constructed as part of the mechanism through which other historic stratas can be reclaimed and registered. A field is created to trace the overlapping network of axis and history as negatives within the positive of the field of the site. The figure/ground becomes a mechanism through which the mechanism of “tracing” is registered within the landscape. The past is traced through the negative spaces and the future “past”, current artifacts which might no longer exist in the future becomes negative spaces once it is erased also.





Project Team
Project Director: Yehre Suh