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The project builds upon the idea of generative and degenerative ecological cycles of built environments as a state of flux in between the controlled and the wild. The garden is to be mechanism to study and display how the temporal is integral to the process of growth/fresh, decay/rotten and maintenance/preservation of constructed environments natural and artificial.



The installation is composed of industrial steel shelving/trellis structure constructed as the artificial “built” environment. The structure will be made of untreated steel where during the period of the installation, the steel will display the rustication process.

Within the shelving/trellis structure, three controlled ecological systems are displayed and maintained: First is a hydroponic system, which provides life-support for agricultural production. The plants will continuously grow beyond its cultivation period to allow for over-generative production.

Second is a science laboratory where plant specimens are contained in glass containers. With time, the contents of the containers will start the process of decay within its completely sealed environment of the container.

Third is the commercial food store where agricultural products are preserved for longevity and consumption. The contents of the containers will stay in its preserved state for the duration of the installation.





Native climbing plants, prarie wild flower and grass species will be seeded and planted at the beginning of the installation. With time, the plant types will gradually territorialize the construct. Pathways of visitors within the structure will create cow paths within the growth of the prarie ground surface to create new passages through while open zones will form in the roof structure where the climbing plant growth is absent. The controled and controling natural and artificial mechansims are to be in constant flux and negotiation with each other.




Project Team
Project Director: Yehre Suh
Project Assistants: Tien Ling

Fresh, Rotten and Preserved

Location: Les Jardins de Métis, Quebec, Canada
Program: Redford Gardens International Competition 2011
Area: 2,000 m² / 2,150 sf